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We have started a discussion board at:


This is a forum devoted to providing prospective and current students with information about the current state of Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and alternative options, and holding such institutions accountable for the doctrines, ethics and practices they promote.


2 Responses to “Discussion Board”

  1. Gregg Harris Says:

    Great beginning men! I can see the apples in the seed in what you are doing. God bless.

  2. Brett Clements Says:

    I encourage you guys to continue this discussion. Countless churches are now “running church” like a business. The reason is the make up of the church leadership. In most cases the men who prove they can run, grow and promote a business are pulled into leadership roles in the church. As you have highlighted in the post these men are not qualified according to scripture in many cases. The church hopes to fill the position, the pew and the plate, but fails to fill the pulpit with a qualified man who preaches the gospel in a way that informs the conscience the way scripture intended. A leadership board made up of un-qualified men will always seek a man who resembles their character, motives and actions. Once a pastor is selected by a group of unqualified men he begins his relationship with the church much like a employee in the secular world. He knows if things get tough he can send out resumes to the thousands of churches seeking a new and modern pastor. Though God can send us where He desires when He desires we must go into a church with the hopes of preaching until our ministry is finished (death). We cannot be looking for the next offer. We are not for sale. We are on loan and our keeper is the Heavenly Father. It would be wonderful if every student entering Bible College would have the opportunity to hear from qualified pastors for the purpose of anchoring future goals with Biblical qalifications and teachings.

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