How does a man qualify for eldership?



What ultimately qualifies someone for eldership?  Is it an MDiv?  Sound position papers on hot theological topics?  The ability to preach?  The respect of the congregation?  A strong unction or calling from God?  Age and experience?  While all of these things are good, they are not ultimately what qualifies someone for eldership.  At the root, the question should be who, not what. 


“It is God who qualifies”


 It is God who qualifies an elder.  When a man aspires to, qualifies, and takes up the office of elder, it is not ultimately because of how holy or skilled he is.  Rather it is about how big His God is to use another sheep to shepherd the flock and to lead through a sinful clump of dust.  He takes a God-hating individual, who is fading and headed towards hell, and makes him an elder.  He puts a desire for eldership in his heart and gives him sound thinking about God, His Word, the Church, and the world.  He sparks an unquenchable passion for God and His people.  He opens up opportunities for experience and training and wins him the respect of the Church.  Eldership is the work of God through fallen flesh, just like any God glorifying work.  It is important for us to remember this and be humbled by it as we aspire to such an awesome and impossible task.


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