thousands of researchers from 80 nations built a 17 mile tunnel in 20 years… because of unrighteousness


(Here is the link to the yahoo news story that this blog refers to.)

Is building a large particle accelerator a sin?  No.  Is working together to build a large tower a sin?  No.  Would it be a sin if we were doing one of these things to defy God?  Yes.   That’s what the Tower of Babel was all about!  In these cases, the question is not about the act, but about the motive.  What drives us? 

What drives men and women to spend 20 years of their lives and billions of dollars to build a 17 mile long tunnel for the sole reason of recreating “the big bang” (the atheistic/deistic alternative to the Creation Story)?    Unrighteousness.  It is indeed astounding how God has given humankind such creativity and ingenuity.  It is even more terrifying how we have often used that ingenuity to deny the One who gave it to us. 

Romans chapter 1:18-23 tells us that the reason people reject the truth that God is the eternally powerful Creator, is because of their unrighteousness.  Instead of acknowledging that we have someone to be thankful to and giving Him praise, we made ourselves the center of our own reality.  We became our own Gods.

We will do everything we can in our attempt to resist bowing our hearts to God.  We’ve been trying to do it since the tower of Babel.  Now, instead of building a high building, we are building 17 mile, multi-billion dollar atom smashers.  The only way out of this cycle of rebellion, is if God, through the shed blood of Christ, gives us a new heart! 

As preachers and future leaders in the Church, we need to not be shaken by the worlds attempts to disprove God, but rather look through the lense of the Word.  We might be tempted to say that it is science or the pursuit of knowledge that is the cause of this wild expirement.  However, God reminds us that it is none of these, but rather rebellion, sin, unrighteousness.

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7 Responses to “thousands of researchers from 80 nations built a 17 mile tunnel in 20 years… because of unrighteousness”

  1. Steve Marquardt Says:

    When I read about the CERN project, I think my main response is one of sadness more than anything else. A lot of people will probably get mad (since this might cause mini-black holes and whatnot), but this is simply a sad story about how we are attempting to make a name for ourselves. The biggest thought that comes to my mind is, “Couldn’t this $4 billion have been used for something better, like spreading the gospel, helping the poor, etc. ?” Regardless, the reactor is built, and now we will see what will come from this new Babelish experiment.

  2. Josh Says:

    Just a word of warning… Just because the mass media likes to bill this experiment as “recreating the Big Bang” doesn’t mean we should necessarily latch onto it as an evil project. I worked on the US predecessor of the LHC at CERN (it’s called Fermilab and is located in Batavia, IL), and believe as a Christ-follower that I was glorifying God in my scientific efforts. Many new inventions have been made as a result of particle physics research, and in that way we are able to reflect the image of God as creative beings (of course, not creating ex nihilo…).

    I’m not seeking to divert from what I believe was the main thought of this post, that man needs Christ first and foremost, which as a church leader I wholeheartedly believe. Just don’t want fellow believers to get distracted by this big science experiment in a way that would not bring glory to our Creator or point others to Him as their only satisfaction.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  3. Jeff Lacine Says:


    I appreciate your word of caution. While I am not a science buff, I am very much in favor of scientific advancement and investigation. I believe that God is pleased when we use our minds to ponder the make up the world He created. I rejoice in the fact that there are Christians, such as yourself, who have chosen to glorify King Jesus through a vocation in the arena of science.

    While one person can build a house to be used to glorify God, another can build a house to rebel against Him. The question is not: Is building a house wrong? Of course it is not wrong in it of itself. It can greatly glorify God to use our hands in such a creative way! The question is: Why was the effort taken to build this house? What will it be used for?

    Why are people spending so much of their lives, and 4 billion dollars, on this particular project?

    Admittedly, my knowledge of the LHC built by CERN, and its reasons for being built, is limited to what the media reports. My understanding is that a driving force behind this project is to further develop theories of the spontaneous generation of matter through a “big bang”; a theory that is championed primarily by Atheists and Deists. Even if this is so, may what was intended to be a way to ingore our infinitely Intelligent Designer, be instead used for His Glory!

    May God bless you richly, and thank you for taking the time to interact with me on this matter.

  4. Colin Says:

    Not every believer in the Big Bang Theory is a deist/atheist. Norman Geisler even used evidence for the Big Bang to defend the Christian idea of a Creator God.

  5. Spyros Says:

    Big Bang was actually put forward by a belgian priest. Pope pio used it to support the beliefs for god’s existence. The truth is that no scientific theory can prove or disprove the existence (or non-existence for my behalf) of God or any other spiritual entity.
    Science is based on experimentally falsificable propositions. Saying that God sits on top of Mount Everest is no scientific proposition that science can address for instance. Religion has nothing to do with science. In fact religious methodology and scientific methodology are 2 polar opposites.

  6. Nick Says:

    spyros says: religious methodology and scientific methodology are 2 polar opposites.
    Absolutely untrue. BOTH are rooted in a search for truth, have as their goal the revealing of truth. Of course, in both, many men will derail, and use the form of a search for truth to promote some other agenda. Global warming is one such misuse of “science”, as are the rants on ozone holes (leading to incredible profits for Du Pont), DDT being banned (again, to the profit of large chemical companies).

    I’ve no issue whatever with the building of this project, nor its intended use as stated by the developers: that of research into particle nuclear physics. As to those who are deluded into thinking they will “prove” the “big bang” theory, two things: first, they will most likely end up loke those who set out to mathematically prove that life happened by chance, and ended up proving, in only to themselves, that this is beyond impossible, that it HAD to have been created by something prior; and second, since they are beginning with SOMETHING, they will still fail in proving the origins of matter. Taking into consideration Albert Einstein’s “theory of relativity”, which establishes a direct connexion between physical matter and energy, to disprove creation they still have the niggly problem of beginning with NOTHING.. no matter, no particles, no energy (remember Einstein…), no nothing whatever. Which brings me back full circle to the original statement I quoted: since there is no “duality” in the universe, any attempts to understand how something in the physical realm works will inevitably lead to a greater understanding of God and His nature.
    The closing scene or Ben Stein’s amazing film Expelled is, I think, the best clip in the whole film. In it, he is asking the raging atheist (Christopher Hitchens?) about the origins of life on earth. He responds that, well, maybe it got started on some other planet in some other galaxy, and the inhabitants of that place brought it here…… I wonder did he ever stop to realise he has exponentially complicated the question by, first, simply moving the venue of the origin of life to somewhere other than earth (if it happened there, why not here?), and second, added into the mix the problem of other beings having the technology and desire to transport life here (assuming the environments to be compatible, survival on the long journey, all that sort of thing) then retreating without leaving a trace of their presence. So, now we have THREE long stretches of the mind, where in simple creation we’ve only got one… if that. I nearly laughed myself out of my seat in the theatre……
    He only succeeded in strenghtning the postulate that life on earth is indeed created. designed, made, by some being who preexists all life.

    Science is wonderful stuff, and it can only point to the character, nature, and glory of the God of the bible. Never failed yet. Nor will it. So, they thought the neutron was the least common denominator of the atom. They’ve already learned otherwise. The order they are revealing in the sub-atomic world can only point to a Being far more intelligent than any they’ve imagined. After all, has not He MADE things this way, aeons past, and we’re only now getting round to peeling a few more layers off the onion? This will be fun!!

  7. Spyros Says:

    Nick, some comments concerning your post.

    1. Read my 1st post again. Which one of the religious propositions is experimentally falsificable? None. So religion is not scientifically based. Perhaps you wanted to say that philosophy is complementary to science and thus indispensable. This would be true. However one must not mess scientific methodology with philosophy or religion.

    2. As the big bang is concerned, there are many scientists who say that big bang is not a scientific model as the event of the big bang is not falsificable. Either way it is correct to say that no experiment in physics can prove or disprove the existence (or non existence) of God.

    3. Life could have been created (and it is almost certain that exists) in other planets. Life is based on the existence of some necessary elements that are manufactured by the process of nucleosynthesis in stars. The abundance of these elements in different regions of the universe is quite random.

    4. Matter is a philosophical category that denotes the objective reality. Mass and energy are 2 different forms of existence of matter. Mass measures its inertia and energy measures its movement. So the theory of relativity does not link matter to energy. It says that mass can be converted to energy and vice versa.

    5. Science cannot and never had or will point to God. Physical reality can very well be explained even without the existence of spirits. I agree that all things cannot be answered by science. However there is still materialist philosophy which can provide answers without seeking the existence of immaterial spirits. Noone critisizes religious people. But when religious people try to meddle with science, we usually end up in the Saint Inquisition.

    6. In the past, people thought that lighning was created by Prometheas and thrown by Zeus. Now we now that it is an electrical discharge. For many people it is obvious that God created the world (even though we have no hints for that). For me it is obvious that men created their Gods (why isn’t the christian God depicted as an animal?).

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