Mark Driscoll on Raising up “Timothys”


Mark Driscoll, in preparation for The Desiring God conference ’06, made some comments about his philosophy on training young leaders. Take a look.  We found it very helpful!

Mr. Driscoll brings up several good points:

– Be open to changing methodologies and styles in order to engage the culture, while never compromising biblical and theological principles. 

– Allow and give opportunity for younger men to lead in the church, or for them to plant a new church.

– If the church does not permit a space for gifted young men to lead, they will often leave. 

– Recognize the importance of young leaders arising from within the established local church.

Here is something we would expand on:

The raising up of younger men in the church does not often happen, and when it doesn’t, young men sometimes leave to plant a church… often with no oversight or accountability.  We agree with Mark Driscoll, and believe that church planting in the “Timothy” stage of life is a viable option. We also believe that the best way for church planting to be accomplished, is in a context of accountability to eldership.  A young man in his pre-eldership years needs help and guidance.  He needs to be submitted to church governance, especially if he is to undertake the work of church planting.  Successful church plants have been accomplished with little or no oversight, however, we believe that this is a less than ideal situation. 


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3 Responses to “Mark Driscoll on Raising up “Timothys””

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  2. Arthur Sido Says:

    I am not a huge fan of Driscoll, but that he makes a number of excellent points. And what a great blog and ministry! What a great need the church has for discipled, humble young men who can take up the torch for the next generation.

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