Mentoring is a Biblical Mandate


A morning favorite for me to read is Tim Challies “A La Carte.” This morning Tim put this blurb up:

“On Monday my pastor spoke to a local pastors fellowship on the importance of mentoring young men. I’m sure any pastor could benefit from listening to or reading his paper.”

This is exactly what we are all about. The number one answer, short answer, that I have been giving to the question, “What is the conference about?” is this: It is about the importance of pastors, seasoned ministers, elders, preachers to mentor young men. So when I read Tim’s blog this morning I was glad to see others are ministering towards the same goal we are.

Paul W. Martin, founding pastor of Grace Fellowship Church (Tim’s church) in Toronto encouraged pastors to seek out young men whom they can mentor. The nature of the command to be training men to carry on faithful gospel ministry–as well as some practical advice on how to develop mentoring relationships–are explored.

Paul Martin has written a wonderful article. I have read through it once and I already consider it a valuable resource. I have forwarded the article to Gregg and the other brothers involved in the conference.

Mr. Martin says that mentoring is a biblical mandate. Mr. Martin says:

“…every pastor must, in some capacity, be involved in training the next generation of pastors.”


Gregg Harris has said that everyone should be training their replacement. That is exactly what Paul is telling Timothy to do in 2Timothy 2:2:


“and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”


Paul is saying, “You have seen how I do what I do. Now, go do what I do. And, while you do it, show someone else how to do it.” Paul was ministering with Timothy by his side. Now Paul is telling Timothy to minister with someone by his side.


Mentoring is the biblical pattern:


  • Moses/Joshua
  • Elijah/Elisha
  • Jehoiada/Joash
  • Jesus/the Twelve
  • Paul/Timothy


Mentoring is for our good fellow Timothys. Many of us are being stuffed full and doctrine and theology and don’t know what to do with it all.


Martin says:


I can confidently say that 99.997% of men in seminary will experience significant failure apart from a mentoring…How much heartache in our churches could be avoided if our pastors were actively mentoring their replacements?!”


We could not agree more with these statements. We need seasoned minister of the word in our life. We need to be in the local church. Theology and doctrine hit the pavement in the local church. There is no substitute for it.


We commend Paul Martin, and we highly recommend the article that he wrote. The full article, as well as the audio of Mr. Martin’s address can be found here.


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One Response to “Mentoring is a Biblical Mandate”

  1. Adam Says:

    I saw the same post and thought of you guys too! And I also love Challies “a la carte” always something interesting and worth my time.

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