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We are simply proponents of an idea, that we believe is biblical, and hope to be a tool in the reform of the way ministers are raised up in the Church.  There are many “Timothys” out there who have been practicing the concepts that we advocate for a longer amount of time and with more consistency than us, and we want to promote their success.  We are a few of many “Timothys”, and we are simply serving as a mouthpiece for the many.

Simply put, we want your blog.  We want your voice.  Add your blog to our new “Timothy” blog roll!

If you blog, and you are a “Timothy” who is engaging in mentorship, theological education, pre-eldership ministry and the development of character as preparation for leadership in tomorrow’s Church, we want to promote your blog.

Or, if you are not a “Timothy” per say, but are an ardent supporter of the Paul & Timothy concept (and you blog about it!), we want to promote your blog.

Simply comment in response to this post and we will add you to the new “Timothy” blog roll.  To view our mission page, click here.

Preach The Word :: The Paul and Timothy Guys

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15 Responses to ““Timothy” Blogs”

  1. Eric Says:

    Hey Gentlemen (and I mean that in the most manly way)

    Thanks for doing this blogroll. Great idea! I check P&T blog on a daily basis and find it very encouraging and insightful. I’m a deacon at a church plant within HOFCC in Washington State. my blog is http://www.chasedom.blogspot.com. I often link to all of your articles as we all continue to spread a passion for Christ’s name in the midst of chaos & confusion. May the Word penetrate deep into the hearts of those who read the posts. May the Lord be glorified in the hearts of those endeavouring to be Christ honoring in everything they write. May the message of Jesus Christ be spread among the blogosphere and beyond.


    Eric Chase

  2. Jeff Lacine Says:

    Thanks Eric, just added your blog!

  3. Adam Says:


    Yes and amen to your mission! This is greatly needed in the Body of Christ today and I am behind you and with you.

    Our RockSolid Conference and blog (www.rsgeneration.com/blog) will echo your hearts and message and spread it with passion.

    The young men we encounter will hear about the Paul & Timothy guys!

  4. Jeff Lacine Says:

    Thanks Adam, your blog is on the list! God bless you guys in your missions, we stand with RockSolid and their vision to encourage young Christians to walk in the awesome grace of God.

  5. Dorian Says:

    Hey, Guys! I’m a huge fan, and I have benefited a lot from your work.

    In the Gospel,

  6. Josh Says:

    hey bros,

    count me in. keep up the great work…stay steady, ring the bell, sound the call…that God would raise up mighty men for the cause of Christ in preaching the Word!


  7. Trevor Akin Says:

    Hey guys love the blog and the leadership ideals you stand for. I’m not sure if I post on my blog as frequently if you would like, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I do post on my blog at least monthly. I’m not like a deacon or anything, I’m a leader in my church’s college ministry (in an informal sense). A link to your site has been on my blog for a while now, in a hope that people would read your articles and think more deeply about important issues. Keep up the good work.

  8. Jeff Lacine Says:

    Josh… what is your blog address so we can add it? Trevor, we just added yours to the roll. Keep up the good work guys!

  9. alanreynolds Says:

    I’ll take an add, too. http://www.alanreynolds.wordpress.com

  10. Jeff Lacine Says:

    You’re in Alan!

  11. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen Says:

    Hey guys,

    I got an e-mail inviting me to join so here I am: http://www.blackreformingkid.wordpress.com

  12. Jeff Lacine Says:

    Hey Douglas,

    I’m glad you got my email and that you’ve joined our blog roll. Blessings to you!

  13. Steve Marquardt Says:

    Hey guys-

    I just started up a new blog-check it out and consider adding it to your blog roll!


  14. Jeff Lacine Says:

    Thanks Steven, you’re on the “Timothy” roll. Congratulations on your new blog. We look forward to reading what you’re thinking.

  15. Jason Says:

    Great Call to the Body.

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