Books on Preaching

Here’s a list of Books we believe should be added to the libraries of all aspiring preachers:


Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones: Preaching and Preachers

Dr. Martin-Lloyd Jones has been described as the “last of the preachers”. In this book, he gives council to those who desire to plead with the lost and teach the entire council of God to men and women

Charles Spurgeon: Lectures To my Students

Spurgeon has been described as the “Prince of Preachers. In this treasure of old, Spurgeon, in his own vernacular, expresses what the young preacher must do to effectively communicate the gospel in order to convert the sinner. A must read.

Art Azurdia: Spirit Empowered Preaching


While evangelical churches are bigger than they’ve ever been before, Dr. Azurdia, a favorite prof of ours, is convinced the men who step into the pulpit no longer bring with them the atmosphere of heaven nor speak as if standing on the boarders of another world. “Spirit Empowered Preaching” should be the first on the list of any aspiring preacher.

Richard Baxter: The Reformed Paster

This puritan reformer was a master shephard. All who rise to the pulpit should not go there without having savored these pages.


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