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Joshua Harris’ Preaching Notes Series (compiled)

August 29, 2008

I wanna thank Joshua Harris for all of his hard work compiling various preaching notes from some of the great pastors and teachers of our day. So far he’s shown us what Mark Dever, Mike Bullmore, CJ Mahaney, & Ray Ortlund Jr. , and Tim Keller all bring to the pulpit on Sunday mornings.

(pictures by Drew Blom)

One thing that’s really encouraged me in this series is to see that all of these great preachers manuscript their sermons (save Keller who has some completely foreign method). I know that manuscripting has helped me tremendously in not only my prep, but also keeping my cool on Sunday mornings, and not getting off topic with interjections.

What about all you young preachers out there? How do you prepare? How has seeing these notes convinced you to change what you do for your sermon prep?