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thousands of researchers from 80 nations built a 17 mile tunnel in 20 years… because of unrighteousness

September 9, 2008

(Here is the link to the yahoo news story that this blog refers to.)

Is building a large particle accelerator a sin?  No.  Is working together to build a large tower a sin?  No.  Would it be a sin if we were doing one of these things to defy God?  Yes.   That’s what the Tower of Babel was all about!  In these cases, the question is not about the act, but about the motive.  What drives us? 

What drives men and women to spend 20 years of their lives and billions of dollars to build a 17 mile long tunnel for the sole reason of recreating “the big bang” (the atheistic/deistic alternative to the Creation Story)?    Unrighteousness.  It is indeed astounding how God has given humankind such creativity and ingenuity.  It is even more terrifying how we have often used that ingenuity to deny the One who gave it to us. 

Romans chapter 1:18-23 tells us that the reason people reject the truth that God is the eternally powerful Creator, is because of their unrighteousness.  Instead of acknowledging that we have someone to be thankful to and giving Him praise, we made ourselves the center of our own reality.  We became our own Gods.

We will do everything we can in our attempt to resist bowing our hearts to God.  We’ve been trying to do it since the tower of Babel.  Now, instead of building a high building, we are building 17 mile, multi-billion dollar atom smashers.  The only way out of this cycle of rebellion, is if God, through the shed blood of Christ, gives us a new heart! 

As preachers and future leaders in the Church, we need to not be shaken by the worlds attempts to disprove God, but rather look through the lense of the Word.  We might be tempted to say that it is science or the pursuit of knowledge that is the cause of this wild expirement.  However, God reminds us that it is none of these, but rather rebellion, sin, unrighteousness.